The Importance of Virginia


Yesterday, the AFL-CIO declared it was going all in in Virginia to get Terry McAuliffe elected. The AFL-CIO has massive amounts of money and, should McAuliffe win, as Jim Geraghty, I, and others have noted, the media and liberal Republicans will claim conservatives cannot get elected.


Ken Cuccinelli, as the Attorney General of Virginia, was the first State AG to go to court opposing Obamacare. Ken has also been at the forefront in the fight against Obama’s war on fossil fuels.

Ken is the Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia in this year’s November election and if he loses, it will energize and encourage Obama and the Democrats to fight even harder against America’s energy sources, claim validation for Obamacare, and disillusion and discourage Republican leaders and candidates from continuing to fight. But, if Ken wins, it will send a signal that voters reward principled conservatives who fight.

With the Governor’s race effectively tied, Terry McAuliffe (the Clinton and Democrat’s number one fundraiser) is out raising Ken 2 to 1. Ken has outraised Terry McAuliffe inside Virgina, but McAuliffe has gotten enormous help from national unions, abortion interests, and recently a California billionaire environmentalist began spending $400,000 per week on T.V. ads on climate change to try to defeat Ken. Then, as I mentioned at top, yesterday the AFL-CIO decided to go all in.


Ken has not had equivalent conservative support. Ken has been outspent in all of his previous races (and won all), so he doesn’t need to out-raise McAuliffe, but he must have enough money to be competitive.

The Virginia Governor’s race is the most important race in America for conservatives in 2013.

It’s a certainty that a Republican victory in Virginia’s 2013 Governor’s race will excite the Republican base and discourage Democrats. What happens in Virginia in 2013 will not stay in Virginia but will set the stage for elections in 2014, just as the Virginia GOP Governor’s victory did in 2009 for the big 2010 Republican wins.

This, my friends, is why you must contribute.


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