No Way in Hell Will I Support Nancy Mace

People keep asking me about Nancy Mace running against Lindsey Graham. At the RedState Gathering, people wanted to know why she wasn’t on the agenda. Well, by the time it became an issue, the agenda was full, but even had it not been full I would not have asked her to speak. I have said for a while that conservatives eager to beat the establishment need to use a greater degree of discernment when it comes to candidates they put up. As far as Nancy Mace goes, I think tea party activists need to discern some more and try harder.Count me out. The revisionist history going on about Nancy Mace’s record is a bit too much for me and the actual history disqualifies her in my mind. Nancy Mace has been making the rounds of conservative talk radio and blogs lately with so many eager to beat Lindsey. One of the things she is starting to get some heat over, and rightfully so, is her relationship with Will Folks. This is a very good thing. But her response to it is to basically brush it off as Will Folks being a “client” and just one of many. That’s nonsense. They were business partners. She was co-owner of the website he used and continues to use as the platform for his stories about Governor Nikki Haley. And she served as his “spokesman” in response to all press inquires when he started smearing Nikki Haley with allegations of an affair. She was his mouthpiece, she spread those stories with her own name. There is no way in hell I would have put her on stage at the RedState Gathering when that stage would be shared by Governor Nikki Haley and I have no intention of supporting anyone who was not only involved in that sordid mess, but is now trying to claim clean hands when she co-owned that website.I just don’t think she should be able to get away with passing off what she did as just another service to another client. And if it was, then she is for sale in a way that everyone who thinks she would make a good public official should be extremely wary of. She should not so easily be given a pass for her role in smearing not just Nikki Haley, but the Haley family.I would love to find a challenger to Lindsey Graham who can win. But no way in hell am I supporting Nancy Mace.UPDATE: It is worth noting that Nancy Mace’s former business partner has lept to her defense as I posted this. I rest my case.



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