Wimps, Frauds, and Charlatans

In case you missed it, because for some reason the national press has ignored what should be a salacious story, Tennessee Senator Lamar! Alexander’s political campaign coordinated the “timing and even funding for” an exhibit about Lamar! Alexander.


Alexander is gearing up for a re-election campaign in 2014 where he expects to get a primary challenge. He used your tax dollars to secure an earmark for a state museum to do an exhibit about himself. Then the museum coordinated with Alexander’s re-election campaign to turn the exhibit into a traveling exhibit over this campaign season.

Lamar Alexander is one of those Republicans who has decided he knows best. And he’s willing to use your tax dollars to profit his own re-election to ensure he can keep telling us what is best.

Mitch McConnell already has a primary challenger who he has been attacking as “Bailout Bevin.” Never mind that Matt Bevin did not start running the bailed out company until after the bailout money had been taken. McConnell, though, as he guided TARP through the United States Senate saw major American banks flood his campaign coffers with donations.

John Cornyn, in Texas, is telling anyone who will listen that he wants to repeal Obamacare and stop it. But he yanked his name off Mike Lee’s defund effort after some arm twisting by Mitch McConnell. Now Cornyn says Mike Lee does not go far enough, but Cornyn won’t go even that far to actually do something.


The House side is no better. Republicans in the House, every time conservatives demand they do something about Obamacare, throw out a symbolic vote to rally the red meat crowd. Then they cite the number of repeal votes each time the public demands they do something substantive. They don’t want to do anything substantive.

The whole of the GOP save a handful is so intent on winning reelection they’re perfectly happy to lose the country. They will not do what is right because they might put in awkward positions. When groups like the Heritage Foundation pressure them, they send out Jenn Rubin to bad mouth the Heritage Foundation on the Washington Post’s website.

On Sean Hannity’s radio program yesterday, Senator Mike Lee and Karl Rove debated defunding Obamacare. Lee just devastated Rove and made the point, which had to be conceded, that the GOP always caves. Leadership, Jenn Rubin, and Karl Rove say the President will never blink. They presuppose that they themselves will blink.


As Ted Cruz said at the RedState Gathering, it is very simple. Just don’t blink.


It is time conservatives throw out their own bums. It is time to stand with the challengers. It is time to replace the wimps, frauds, and charlatans with men and women who will stand up and do the right thing. It’s time for a change. Until conservatives collect scalps from their own side, nothing will change. Obamacare will be funded. The GOP will keep claiming they oppose it. And conservatives will keep being lied to.

Republican Leaders in Washington have given up on defeating Obamacare. They don’t want to tell you because they know what you will do. Well … do it anyway. They’ve given up. So let’s replace them with people who will not give up.


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