Organizing for Action Takes on Climate Change Because Jobs Are Not Important

Polar bear appears to be exercising, Spitsbergen, Norway - 20 Jul 2013

Here in Middle Georgia we have had very few days this year above ninety degrees, which is unusual. It took my zinnias a bit longer than normal to bloom. We have, however, had more than double our normal rainfall. I have saved a good bit of money on not running the sprinkler system. The rosemary, basil, and thyme are doing quite well.


Downtown Los Angeles hasn’t reached 80 degrees in 17 days. That hasn’t happened since 1910.

Yes, the climate is changing. Before man set foot on the planet the climate changed. In the Middle Ages the climate changed too. About the only thing recently that hasn’t happened is the world hasn’t heated up. We’ve plateaued. We live in the time period now when the climate model predictions of the nineties and early two-thousands are reality and of all the climate models out there hardly any at all predicted this and even those that predicted this plateau didn’t get everything right.

The climate is a complex system. But it is apparently easier to understand and fix than the economy and job creation. Those — the economy and jobs — those are the hard ones, the difficult ones, the ones too difficult for super computers to even model.

At least I assume so because of the President and his Organizing for Action brigade.

Like Sauron sending the armies of Mordor out the Black Gate today, President Obama has sent out Organizing for Action to harass Congressmen and Senators about global warming climate change. Never mind that the Northern Hemisphere is about to start cooling in a thing we like to call winter. OFA is convinced of imminent apocalypse. Their Messiah commands they act. So like the Apostles and Disciples of Christ, they’re going to get in people’s faces, compare their opponents to Holocaust deniers, demand those who don’t accept their religion be silenced, driven from jobs, and punished … oh wait, that’s what the pagans did to early Christians, not the other way around. Sorry.


In any event, consider how staggering it is that the poor remain poor, the economy is now creating 4 part time jobs for every 1 full time job, his health care law is falling apart, and the most pressing issue for Barack Obama and his gang of restless leftist unemployed youths is climate change.

Note that their DC Rally has failed and gone down the memory hole.

But don’t worry. Next week the issue will be gun control or something else. I guess the oceans didn’t recede and the world didn’t heal after all.

That’s the one thing about millennial hipsters clad in blue, flannel, and rolled up skinny jeans we can count on — their attention span doesn’t last longer than their Adderall.


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