Should Matt Lewis Stop Making His Titles Questions?

Matt Lewis thinks conservatives should not primary Mitch McConnell. His title asks the question, “Should conservatives try to oust Mitch McConnell?” instead of giving his answer “No, Conservatives Should Not Primary Mitch McConnell.”I guess this is for page views.In any event, Matt thinks conservatives should leave Mitch McConnell alone and instead help guys like Tom Cotton run against a Democrat in Arkansas. I’m happy to needle him a bit on the question titles, he’s a good friend, but I think a larger point needs to be made on this topic.If conservatives do not trust Mitch McConnell, I think they should primary him. And others. Many of the same conservatives who do not want to touch Mitch McConnell also did not want conservatives to touch Bob Bennett.Bennett, with Ron Wyden, authored the federal version of the individual mandate that was later rolled into Obamacare. But many of Washington’s conservative leaders wanted him spared.When Bennett eventually was defeated, Washington conservatives sided with Tim Bridgewater, who made a lot of money by getting a lot of money from Washington. Conservatives outside the beltway and those in the beltway who still act like outsiders fighting with the grassroots sided with Mike Lee.Can anyone on the right really claim with a straight face that Mike Lee is worse than Bob Bennett? Really? Of course not.In truth, conservatives do not trust their leaders in Washington. Mitch McConnell gets more blame than he should because he is herding Republican cats of different stripes, but he gets plenty of blame he legitimately deserves.The nation is at $17 trillion in national debt. During the Bush administration, the GOP foisted on the nation a litany of big government programs packaged in “compassion” that helped blow up the debt. McConnell collaborated in much, if not all, of the Republican expansion of government. When given the choice to stand and fight, McConnell finds elaborate ways to cut deals. He called the passage of “TARP” a great day in the history of the Senate and took a great deal of money from banks.Republicans and conservatives are not the same creature. If conservatives do not trust Mitch McConnell and think they can do better than him in Kentucky, let them try. I am reminded that McConnell considered Jim Bunning weak and pressured Bunning relentlessly to drop out in 2010. Then McConnell and the GOP lined up behind Trey Grayson, who conservatives crushed with Rand Paul — a man who could not win the general they said.A poll in Kentucky suggests McConnell is vulnerable to Democratic defeat. Why then shouldn’t he retire like he wanted Bunning to do? Perhaps he should take the medicine he has administered to others.If he does not, and a Democrat wins, I’m sure McConnell and many others will blame conservatives for not toeing the McConnell line. Maybe, just maybe though, McConnell should have retired instead.In any event, conservatives always get the blame whether they win or lose or fight or sit it out. So they might as well go down swinging and maybe they’ll win.No Republican — not one — should get a pass if the voters think they can do better. More importantly, Republicans in Washington need to see the base take a few more scalps. They do not respect, do not fear, and do not listen to their base. That should change. This would do it.The GOP will not give up its own big spending ways and love of big business at the expense of the entrepreneur and individual without a little ballot box violence directed at them from a base that has been far too permissive for far too long.(By the way, I write my own titles, but I have no idea if someone else at the Daily Caller writes Matt’s titles)



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