The Consultants Who Brought Us President Romney & The GOP Senate Majority Oppose Obamacare Defunding

Polling suggests Republicans drawing a line in the sand over Obamacare funding in the continuing resolution would be unpopular with the American public. Instead of trying to find a way to convince the American public this is the right thing to do, the Republican consultant class wants to run rapidly away from the idea.


They have convinced Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker John Boehner that the GOP must not allow the Democrats to shut down the government by the GOP refusing to fund Obamacare.

It is important to note that the same Republican consultants who oppose a strategy of refusing to defund Obamacare are the very same Republican consultants who worked for years to sell the American public President Romney and worked tireless for the present Senate Republican Majority.

Oh . . . wait.

Perhaps instead of sticking polling up the rear end of Republicans and controlling them the same way Kevin Clash controlled Elmo, we should instead detach the strings and let conservatism go forth selling principle to the American public.

Perhaps instead of listening to the same GOP consultants who spent a billion dollars for the status quo in 2012 convinced that Mitt Romney was the best we could do, we should instead start ignoring them.

It cannot be emphasized enough. The American public is weary of another partisan fight over Obamacare. They are. But the American public is also weary of Obamacare and does not like the law. What we know for sure is that the American public loves a winner.


These Republican consultants do not know how to win. Perhaps we should set our minds to winning this fight instead of listening to the consultants who told us steel tariffs in Pennsylvania, No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, TARP, the General Motors bailout, and President Romney were the way to build a Republican Majority.

It’s worth noting that were these Republican consultants helping with colonial strategy, there would never have been a revolution. The American Revolution was not originally popular. It took convincing to make the case over time and even then it remained unpopular among the upper middle class of the Middle Colonies for quite some time. Thank God these pukes weren’t around then.


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