But Journolist Was Okay, Right?


When Journolist, the liberal group of journalists and wonks, was discovered, David Corn was down right dismissive.

Mother Jones‘s D.C. Bureau Chief and Politics Daily columnist David Corn isn’t buying the whole liberal journalism conspiracy theory about Journolist as portrayed in a series of stories in The Daily Caller this week. In his view, Journolist was a progressive place for a group of “progressive journalists” who have “progressive ideas they shared with other “progressive journalists.”


David Corn was a member of Journolist.

Fast forward to now and David Corn thinks Groundswell is a big deal. Groundswell is a conservative group that meets in person and has an email list serve. It includes journalists, politicians, and a couple of RedStaters.

I’m not on it and do not participate because I don’t trust a few of the GOP whores who routinely get invited to these lists and leak it all when it suits their purposes. See e.g. the Repeal Coalition list. Likewise I find most of these groups to be unproductive time sucks.

In any event, this is the scandal du jour among the left and really just another attempt to go after Justice Clarence Thomas because his wife, Ginni, is involved and not allowed to have a life of her own according to the left.

What is most fascinating to me is that the Politico and others are in high dudgeons over guys like Mark Tapscott of the Washinton Examiner, Mike Flynn of Breitbart, and Matthew Boyle of Breitbart being involved in Groundswell, but give a complete and total pass to liberals involved in Journolist.


This is just another example of the left protecting itself and trying to discredit their critics personally so they can be dismissive of their critics ideas.

One lesson conservatives need to learn — there are a group of GOP whores who will sell you out to the left as soon as it is convenient. It might be time to grow up and recognize the difference between Republicans and conservatives.

UPDATE (by Dan McLaughlin): Erick notes Corn’s dismissal of Journolist, but that’s hardly the only example of coordination on the Left that gets downplayed while things like this get trumpeted as scandalous and scary. Recall this, from April’s controversy over Corn and Mother Jones releasing Progress Kentucky’s recording of Mitch McConnell:

Both Mother Jones and CREW (Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington), who filed an ethics complaint against McConnell over this development, attended the same conference of progressive organizations last December that specifically targeted the Kentucky Senator for the 2014 elections. It was called the Democracy Initiative.

Last Tuesday, we had this absurd bugging story, the release of PPP’s polling on the race, and Senate Majority PAC launching their anti-McConnell microsite. It should also be noted the CREW’s co-founder, Norm Eisen, is Obama’s “ethics czar.”

Now, David Corn, who released a recording of a McConnell strategy meeting, has said that Kentucky Democrats knew about the recording, and begged him not to release it.


What really seems to bother David Corn is when the Right tries to play his game.


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