Republicans Surrender

Senate Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, have given up the filibuster for executive nominations. Under a deal struck, the Democrats will not deploy the nuclear option, but the Republicans will let the President fill a number of positions the GOP has been blocking. Among the positions will be the ever important National Labor Relations Board, which has pursued a disastrous anti-free market agenda.


As Senator Ted Cruz noted, the GOP preserved the right to surrender in the future. What he means is that the GOP folded, but kept the appearance of still having a filibuster for executive nominations in place.

Until the GOP filibusters other executive nominees the President wants. They will then either cave again or see the nuclear option then.

The problem with the method by which the GOP surrendered is they let the Democrats end the filibuster without actually going nuclear. So should the GOP take back both the Senate and White House, the nuclear option precedent will not have been deployed thereby further escalating the situation. It will put the Democrats in the position of blocking nominees and you and I both know they will then have the media declare the GOP bad guys for finally using the nuclear option.

We can expect the Democrats will not surrender the way the GOP did and, instead, choose to make the GOP go nuclear while the media plays reels upon reels of footage of Mitch McConnell saying how awful the nuclear option would be.

I suggest the GOP learn to speak French.



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