Dear GOP: Don't Get Cute With This

The President has decided to scrap the employer mandate in Obamacare. It is questionable if he actually can do this without Congress okaying it. But no one will challenge him. The scrapping is really a delaying until after the election.Republican strategists are already opining that we should fight to repeal the individual mandate too. What’s good for employers should be good for people after all.Republicans, please take note — that’s stupid. It won’t stop Obamacare. It simply gives the Democrats an out that will make the overall law both more expensive and less onerous to the American public. Do not get cute here.Americans sent Republicans to Washington to end Obamacare, not mend it. Repeal the whole damn thing, not parts. If Obama wants to unilaterally exempt employers, let the employers suddenly start pushing Americans off to health care exchanges and watch as Americans become enraged — suffering a government run exchange and an individual mandate.That will generate even more contempt for this law.The Democrats broke it, let them own it. Republicans have been handed a golden opportunity. Americans hate Obamacare and they are looking for leaders to stop it. End it, don’t mend it. Do nothing short of fully repealing it or, at a minimum, fully defunding it during the debt ceiling fight.Republicans are found of claiming weakness by saying they only control one half of one third of government. But they control 100% of the purse strings. Boehner can finally make good on his 2010 promise that made him Speaker in the first place: “Not one dime.”There should be no partial measures. Repeal of the individual mandate is a partial measure. Don’t get cute. Go for the kill instead.



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