Call Them Back, @GovernorPerry [update]

UPDATE: Governor Perry has called them back effective July 1st.————–When last the Republicans filibustered anywhere, it was Rand Paul who led Mike Lee of Utah, Ted Cruz of Texas, and others to filibuster over the use of drones against Americans in the United States. The Democrats chose to filibuster legislation that would save the lives of American citizens. It is telling.Last night in Texas, white southern Democrats played true to history. They rallied and filibustered legislation that would have protected a class of American citizens on the grounds that those citizens were not actually citizens. Texas’s legislature had before it legislation that would ban late term abortions of children who could, were they born, survive.In fact, like the Kermit Gosnell situation, Texas has uncovered a monster of its own who delivered those children live then twisted their heads off. In a special session of the Texas legislature, Governor Perry asked that the state step in to stop the barbaric act. Sadly, the legislation had to make its way through Joe Straus’s House of Representatives. Straus and his minion ensured it would be a slow process, getting it to the end, where it was then passed to the incapable hands of David Dewhurst in the Texas Senate.There, the white Southern Democrats did their thing as the national press corps cheered them on — revealing their activist status within the Cult of Death hiding behind the euphemism of reproductive rights.The legislation passed just after midnight. That was too late. The special session had expired. The filibuster was successful. It is a sick mind that makes Wendy Davis a hero for championing the murder of children who, if given a chance, could live. But a hero she now is in the Cult of Death.Governor Perry could right this wrong. He could call back the Texas Legislature and make this right. The votes are there. The measure would have passed.What we are seeing is, like in Wisconsin, if the left does not get its way it will hijack the process. The left will disrupt democracy to avoid defeat or ensure a win. The filibuster was not successful so the left caused a mob scene to run the clock out. Governor Perry can beat them.In Texas, left-wing activists literally burned the Governor’s Mansion to the ground. Last night in Austin, they showed they’d be fine to do the same metaphorically to the democratic process. Governor Perry should put an end to this.Governor Perry, please call back the legislature. Show the rest of us that in Texas the Cult of Death can be defeated. Make them get it right and save life.



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