They That Are Fated To Be Fools Have One Consolation


Marco Rubio told Sean Hannity yesterday that he had wanted border security before amnesty, but now thinks we need amnesty first so, in paying the government for their amnesty, we can use the illegal aliens’ to pay for securing the border. After all, the border will take several years to secure, so we should encourage people to cross the border illegally and forge documents to prove they’ve met the deadline. Then they can pay the feds to secure the border in even higher numbers. Or something like that.


While this is playing out, John McCain is demanding the President give arms to the Syrian rebels who may or may not be on our side after they kill off Assad. John Boehner has decided to vote for the farm bill, which is filled up with corporate waste, greed, and bribery. And I, having declared myself opposed to the immigration bill, but favoring not rounding up and shipping home 11 million people, am receiving hate mail from conservatives for daring to not want to throw every hispanic resident out of the country. Concurrently, Mario Lopez of the Hispanic Leadership Foundation has postponed a call in which he, a Republican, was going to declare much of the conservative movement racist for not supporting this harebrained Schumer amnesty scheme.

On top of that, Peter King and Lindsey Graham want to amend the First Amendment to silence dissent and Republicans in Congress have joined hands with Democrats to declare the NSA is a-okay.

The Republican Party as it exists in Washington, DC has lost all connection to its base and the pulse of liberty.

Marco Rubio has allowed himself to be used by the Democrats to divide his own party. The Democrats know the issue of immigration brings out the crazy on our side like most military issues do to the Democrats’ side. Rubio played, willingly, right into their hands. Now the Democrats and guys like Mario Lopez are screaming racism, much of the Republican base is doing its best to prove them right through over the top rhetoric, and the Democrats are thanking their god the GOP is now fighting itself instead of focusing on the IRS or using both the IRS and NSA matters to form a larger critique against big government.


On the House side, John Boehner intends to prove the crony capitalist critique of the GOP correct. He’ll vote for a bloated farm bill that subsidizes, funds, and kicks back whole industries that could not exist but for the congressional porkers in Washington.

This should not be happening in a party with a pulse, which makes one wonder if the party has one. Is this what it looked like as the Whigs fell apart? The Whigs divided over the issue of the day — slavery, in the face of a largely united Democratic Party front. Now, the GOP divides over the issue of the day — state power. Again, the Democrats are largely united.

“They that are fated to be fools have one consolation — that they are also fated to be ignorant of it.” (that’s a quote from Norman MacDonald found in Maxims and Moral Reflections. I resisted the urge to change “that” to “who”) Give amnesty so they can pay to close the border behind them. Really? Really?


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