The Annual Birthday Request

Today is my 38th birthday. Every year I put up a post like this. Short of filling in behind the golden EIB microphone or getting one of those Ralph Lauren Writer’s Chairs with accompanying ottoman, there isn’t much I want. But people ask and here’s what you can do if you want to make an impact to better the country today.Give to one or more of these groups, all of which I support myself, and all of which seek out and support disruptive candidates:Senate Conservatives FundHeritage Action for AmericaMadison ProjectClub for Growthand then make a commitment to some self-education and subscribe to the Transom. Put it to you this way — it’s so worth it that I had a complimentary subscription and still paid to subscribe just to ensure it can keep going. It is that worth it.If you donate and subscribe, you can be confident that today you advanced freedom.Oh, and lastly, consider going to the RedState Gathering.Thanks in advance.



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