Jen Rubin's Hatred of Jim DeMint Brings Out the Full Stupid

If you ever wondered if the Washington Post bothers fact checking its bloggers, wonder no longer. They clearly do not.

Jen Rubin brings out the full stupid today to try to throw Jim DeMint under the bus.

It’s very well established she hates Jim DeMint because he is . . . wait for it . . . a conservative. Rubin has a history of bashing DeMint for being a conservative while she, ironically, poses as a conservative voice at the Washington Post.

Today she brings out the full and true stupid. It’s like she got beat with the stupid stick and this post of her’s is the play by play.

Jason Richwine is the controversial Heritage scholar who did a Harvard approved, American Enterprise Institute funded thesis on IQ and immigration. Richwine’s name is on the Heritage Foundation immigration study along with the primary author, Robert Rector. Well, everybody likes Rector, so those opposed to the Heritage study are using Richwine’s thesis, which played no role in the Heritage study, to attack Jim DeMint and Heritage.

Here comes Jen Rubin and the stupid stick.

Heritage Foundation’s decision to release the controversial immigration study was the first major decision under former U.S. senator Jim DeMint, R-S.C., who officially began on April 1. Although the study was developed under former president Edwin “Ed” Feulner’s watch, some Heritage scholars expressed their concern about the scholarship. No one from Heritage with whom I spoke was aware that Richwine had written a thesis and had spoken openly on his contention that Hispanics have lower IQs, in part because of genetics.

In part, the incident reflects on DeMint and a cadre of hard-hitting GOP activists and former Hill staffers he brought with him

Note the bolded part. The study was developed before Jim DeMint arrived and some of the scholars had concerns but no one knew about Richwine’s thesis. NO ONE.

Now here is where it gets really stupid.

Rubin continues:

In some sense, the immigration fiasco is precisely what some conservative scholars feared would happened when a politician committed to winning elections and advancing right-wing candidates took over a think tank.

Someone might want to point out to Jen Rubin that the very same sources who are leaking this information to her are the ones who were okay with hiring Jason Richwine.

And none of these idiots bothered to look at his thesis???!!!!

That’s right folks. While Jen Rubin notes the immigration study was developed before DeMint arrives, she does not bother mentioning that Jason Richwine was hired about a year before Jim DeMint became the Heritage Foundation President. In other words, the very same scholars throwing DeMint under the bus were cool with hiring Richwine, but don’t like Jim DeMint.

That’s says more about them, and Rubin, than it does DeMint.

One exit point. Jen Rubin’s column poses a question: Richwine resigns, but will others follow?

I wonder if the next scholars to exit are Jen Rubin’s sources planting this story as their excuse for leaving with their credibility intact, hoping no one notices that well before Jim DeMint was at Heritage, they were perfectly cool hiring and working with Jason Richwine.