Mark Sanford Wins

Mark Sanford has won the special election in South Carolina’s first congressional district.He was abandoned by much of the South Carolina congressional delegation.He was abandoned by the NRCC and its fundraising.The Democrats outspent him by more than a 3 to 1 advantage.But the district favored him to begin with. Despite panic a few weeks ago, he recovered rapidly and closed a ten point gap.I was with Mark Sanford in the beginning despite unmitigated hell from lots of Republicans who were outraged by my supporting him. As I said then, he was the most risky candidate, but potentially the greatest reward in how he’d vote in Congress.I am glad the voters of South Carolina chose to give him a second chance. Mark Sanford wins again. I guess the Democrats will blame Busch.Already they claim the GOP, as the party of “family values”, is hypocritical for voting for Mark Sanford. The party of Bill Clinton and Kermit Gosnell could, of course, never be accused of supporting family values. More over, many of the very same Democrats claiming Sanford’s win is a loss for women will be out next year opposing Nikki Haley’s re-election.The fact is neither side should read more into this election that there was. Elizabeth Colbert-Busch was a terrible candidate, horrible at retail politics. Mark Sanford thrives on retail politics. Lastly, and most importantly, the district was drawn to be a Republican district, though had Colbert-Busch been a better retail politician, she would have done much better.On election day, Sanford had ten events in addition to voting. Elizabeth Colbert-Busch voted and disappeared.Honestly, in a nut shell, despite what you may hear in the media, there are still places in America that hate liberals and would rather a deeply flawed Mark Sanford than an elitist liberal.