NRCC & GOP About to Give Labor Unions a Huge Win

It is an amazing testament to how bad the other candidates were that Mark Sanford ran away with the race in South Carolina’s first congressional district.


A deeply flawed man, he was the one guy the primary voters knew wouldn’t go wobbly in Washington. But they, and I, presumed he was over the issues with his ex-wife. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago we learned things were not settled.

The NRCC and GOP abandoned Mark Sanford as a result. In a race the GOP could still — even now — win, the GOP decided it would rather lose than win.

Unfortunately for the GOP, losing South Carolina’s Republican first congressional district will give labor unions a massive win.

The unions, which passionately hate Boeing producing the 787 in Charleston, have poured money in to help Elizabeth Colbert Busch. Right now, thanks to the NRCC pulling out of the race, the Democrats are outspending Mark Sanford three to one.

Yesterday, the Sanford campaign discovered Colbert-Bush has gotten a massive pile of money from another ultra-liberal group. But Republicans are doing nothing.


At this time, even with all Sanford’s flaws, it seems ridiculous that the GOP would give labor unions a massive win. The media will herald it as a rejection, even in South Carolina, of Republicans. The unions will herald it as a major win for big labor.

In the process. the first district would get a stooge for Nancy Pelosi and a puppet for labor unions against Boeing.

Mark Sanford can still win. But he’s going to need a lot of help. The chickens at the NRCC ran as quickly as they could. They need to man up and fight like hell.


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