To be Clear About Mark Zuckerberg's Americans for a Conservative Direction

I just want to be clear about about the new front group for the Gang of Eight’s immigration proposal on the right, Americans for a Conservative Direction.The group, funded by Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, is perfectly entitled to set up this group. A good bit of the center-right coalition supports the issue.That’s not my problemMy problem is that this is just another example of Republican consultants seemingly bleeding people dry for crappy work product.They call themselves Americans for a Conservative Direction, but one of their first ads is a poorly produced ad supporting Lindsey Graham, who is not exactly a stalwart of the conservative movement these days.Their website is poorly produced — more an alpha launch than a beta launch.Even the Marco Rubio advertisement, which is airing in Texas today, is poorly produced.Both of them have Methuselah as the narrator and they look cheap.If Zuckerberg wanted to do a low cost PAC to support an issue he cares about, that’s all well and good. But to look cheap and to be politically tone-deaf on the Lindsey Graham issue while calling the group Americans for a Conservative Direction is just pathetic.My guess is that the consultants involves saw just another way to make a quick buck without a lot of energy, thought, or effort.What I find fascinating is how connected to the Republican National Committee’s audit Haley Barbour and Sally Bradshaw are. Haley’s nephew Henry was on the audit committee, as was Sally Bradshaw herself. Virtually no words were spent on the disaster that was the Republican consultant class bleeding the RNC and Mitt Romney dry in 2012. And now here Sally Bradshaw and Haley Barbour are on a committee that looks to promote an issue, but looks more like Republican consultants finding another sucker in Mark Zuckerberg to bleed dry.The work product should look far better and the tone, if calling themselves conservative, should not be pro-Lindsey Graham out of the gate.Whether you disagree or not with them, surely the work product could be better.



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