About That RNC Declaration of War on Conservative Grassroots

A whole lot of people have sent me this Breitbart story asking for my comment on it.

I’m not exactly known for being friendly with the establishment these days and it comports with everything I think about them. I’m not surprised by it at all.


But a bunch of people who attended the meeting are defending Mike Shields. They tell me he was mischaracterized. They tell me he did not mean to attack the “grassroots” per se and that he had specific targets in mind.

You know what? I don’t care. You know why? Because I agree with Mike Shields and I’m glad he said it.

The professional right needs to be blown up. My regret is that he and those around him claim he was not going as far as it is claimed he went. I would want him to go further.

I am in the same boat Mike Shields is in.

My mother constantly gets mail at her house begging her for money to fight the good fight. More often than not, the groups begging her for help have “Tea Party” in their name and they are all scams.

Give money to a conservative candidate and you too will see your mailbox explode. “But we cannot pull from FEC filings,” they claim. That may be the law, but when has that stopped them? Try this — give a handful of conservative candidates enough money to get printed in their FEC disclosures. “Mistype” your name. Watch as you suddenly see an avalanche of direct mail, all with your name mistyped.

The professional right has turned a mailing list habit into a mailing list addiction. Like drug addicts wanting one more hit before going straight, they send out one last mail piece demanding money to help Allen West. But now, like going from cocaine to crack, they spam your email inbox too demanding your immediate defense of Allen West, Rand Paul, etc.


Never you mind that Allen West will never see one penny of the money. “We’re building his name identification,” the mailhouse tells you. Yes, in the days of Rush Limbaugh’s 20 million listener audience, Fox News’s domination of the news airwaves, and Allen West’s own efforts, I’m sure he needs some crappy little group no one has ever heard of using his name so that they themselves get money.

This is one reason I have discouraged petitions at RedState. We used to do them as a show of support on the right for various issues. But now, too many hucksters demand you SIGN THE PETITION NOW TO STAND WITH X, Y, AND Z purely as products to collect your email address so they can spam you. Older people have no idea. They think they are helping the cause and the only cause they are helping is the bottom line of the professional right.

The professional right bled Mitt Romney dry, scammed millions of conservatives out of their hard earned money so that consultants could fly on Gulfstream jets, and sent kids to bars in Wisconsin to get drunk while actual grassroots groups went door to door only to see the professional groups take credit for work they did not do.

The professional right has gotten lazy and relies on its established connections to maintain a presence on television, placing talking heads on TV to take credit for things they never did and putting up faces labeled “strategist” who couldn’t strategerize how to get out of a paper bag. Now they call themselves “Tea Party” what not and we’ve wound up with the The National Tax Day Amalgamated Federation of Confederated Unions of Concerned Tea Party Patriot Expresses of America and the United States Ltd., LLC, and Inc.


Mike Shields is right.

But we shouldn’t spare the RNC either. The RNC too has become a junk mail / spam machine pulling on the heartstrings of older Americans and, when all else fails, sending out cardboard backed photographs of Ronald Reagan. They send out emails with links that don’t work and surveys promising they’ll read them and you too can direct the party.

There are really good groups out there doing really good work. I do not believe they were the ones being targeted by Mike Shields. These groups aren’t the ones wasting our time or money to pimp candidates who never see a dime.

If the RNC is committed to help clean up the hucksters and scammers on the right — many of whom now call themselves “tea party,” — count me in. But they sure as hell better be willing to clean up their own outside contractors too.


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