Fight Club vs. the Weenie Brigade

Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) is doing what needs to be done in the House. He is proposing voting against all rules for legislation that increase the size of government or have a majority of Republicans opposing the underlying legislation. “Rules” are the instructions dictating how much time will be spent on debate of legislation, how many amendments can be offered, etc. The minority party typically votes against the rules, which means if enough conservatives also vote against the rules, the underlying legislation can either be killed or opened to lots of amendments.This is a needed and worthy goal that I have been calling for, for some time. Rep. Dave Schweikert (R-AZ) is joining Rep. Salmon in this.I hope you will consider calling their offices and thanking them. Let them know you support them. You can reach Rep. Salmon’s office here and reach Rep. Schweikert’s office here. Tell them thank you. Maybe if they hear from enough of you other congressmen will know it is safe to join them.These gentlemen and the conservative fight club in the House stand in stark contrast to the weenie brigade lording over the GOP in Congress.Byron York has a piece at the Washington Examiner that exposes just how timid some of the Republicans are becoming. I noted yesterday the rise of this weenie brigade that wants the GOP to talk about no issue and fight on no ground lest they offend anyone. It’s as if Bob Michel is back in charge.As Byron York reports House leaders would not allow conservatives a vote on repealing Obamacare recently. Moreso,


Some Republicans — lawmakers who might have felt pressure to vote to defund Obamacare — believe privately that the fight is essentially over, and that the GOP should come to terms with the reality of national health care.

Only among the weenie brigade would we find people who want to give up the fight on Obamacare just as Americans are realizing the costs, the CBO realizes it’ll blow up the deficit, and polling shows it is increasing in unpopularity again.I can only guess that all those Republicans in the House doing P90X have been dabbling in supplements that have shrunk their testicular fortitude to fight.We need more members of the conservative fight club in congress and less in the weenie brigade.


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