House Conservatives Must be Willing to Change Their Minds

House Republican Leaders are upset that conservatives in the House “blindsided” them by voting against the CR rule. Had just 17 more Democrats showed up to vote the GOP’s rule would have failed, taking down the CR.


Some of those who voted against the rule said they were going to support it when they were approached by the leadership’s whipping team.

One source close to the GOP’s operation, quoting the popular Netflix series “Game of Cards,” said the members broke the “deadliest sin” of “don’t surprise me.”

“There (was) a revolution afoot that people who whipped for (the Rule) this morning, changed their vote to ‘no,’” the source said.

House conservatives must be willing to change their mind, even after agreeing to vote for the rule.

If the GOP ever starts getting an accurate whip count on these rules and they know conservatives are against them, they will start modifying the rules to woo House Democrats over. House Republican leaders are routinely breaking the Hastert rule these days. They are passing legislation that does not have majority Republican support and relying on Democrat votes to get it passed.

House conservatives are nuts if they think leadership won’t start doing this with the rules.

Conservatives should be willing to change their mind at the last minute and vote against the rules.


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