PrimaryMyCongressman.Com: Possibly the Greatest Idea Ever

Club for Growth Action, which is one of the few conservative organizations on the right that actually puts their money where their mouth is, has an excellent new website up at www.PrimaryMyCongressman.ComThey started with nine squishy Republicans but a spokesman tells me they will rotate other squishes in and out depending on how they vote.Folks, these Nine Congressmen and women are squishy, much too malleable Republicans who could be improved in safe Republican districts. It is that plain and simple. We need to crowdsource this so that groups like Club for Growth Action can find the next rock stars like Thomas Massie or Ron DeSantis who can defeat these guys.Go to – let them know who should be primaried. If you live in the district of any of these congress critters, definitely recommend an opponent who can help take them out.



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