Politico's Emily Schulteis Misses a Few Key Details About Bobby Jindal

Politico reporter Emily Schulteis proves today why journalism is a dying and biased industry. She bought the spin of a Louisiana political hack who actually worked for Kathleen Blanco – a politician Jindal ran against and practically forced out of office. In fact, in quoting Bob Mann, Schulteis never even mentioned that his former boss, Kathleen Blanco, was driven from office by the looming Jindal wave in 2007. We expect most mainstream reporters to do intense research before they write a story. In Schulteis’ case, it’s clear she didn’t research a single thing and fell for the opposition’s talking points hook line and sinker. Or maybe she set out to write this narrative and chose to ignore facts inconvenient to it.The original story either misreported some notable facts or simply ignored them. In fact, the original report claimed Bobby Jindal was first elected in his twenties and had to be corrected.Regarding the lawsuit again Governor Jindal’s education reforms for vouchers – the judge who decided the case did not rule the state couldn’t use public dollars for scholarships. Schulteis’ story suggest that he did. In fact, the district court judge very explicitly didn’t rule that way.Schulteis goes on and on about Governor Jindal supposedly being averse to controversial proposals in his first term. While the reporter works for Politico, she obviously knows very little about politics – specifically Louisiana politics. Anyone who covers politics knows about Louisiana’s past with corruption. That’s why Jindal’s proposal to overhaul ethics laws was controversial and bold. Legislators were not happy about the changes and behind the scenes worked hard to kill, then dilute them.Schulteis also cited Governor Jindal’s education reform proposals as only being controversial in the second term. She didn’t do her research. The reality is that Jindal pushed for these controversial vouchers all the way back in 2008 – his first year in office. A simple Google search shows it was met with a lot of opposition. See here from the Times-Picayune: “Jindal’s school plan faces hurdles.”Schulteis goes to great lengths to insinuate that Jindal is ignoring Louisiana. Maybe she hasn’t heard of the BP oil spill? Not to mention, Jindal inherited a Louisiana that was hemorrhaging people and companies in the middle of a economic recession. I should know, I was one of the people who gave up on the state and left.Making the case that Jindal ignored Louisiana, Schulteis had to ignore 5.5 percent unemployment (lower than the southern and national averages), per capita income is at it highest point in about 80 years and for the past 5 years in a row, more people have been moving into Louisiana than moving out – reversing a more than two decade trend of out-migration.On Governor Jindal’s proposed tax reform ideas, Schulteis uses multiple graphs to say that the proposal could hurt poor people. Again, all she needed to do was a simple Google search on Jindal’s plan where he says his administration wants to protect low-income and middle-income taxpayers.



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