Do It For America

Neal Boortz is one of the most popular talk radio hosts in the country. I’m proud to guest host for him when he is gone.

January 18, 2013, is Neal’s last day on the air, after which time I will begin in earnest harassing Rush Limbaugh to let me be his guest host. Heck, I’d even change my name to Mark.


Boortz bought some really ugly golf pants and big RV and he’s going off into the sunset with his vastly better half on Inauguration Day.

As a parting gift from America, please consider signing this White House petition. Neal wants an hour of the President’s time to talk tax policy, particularly the FairTax. The White House says Neal’s petition must get to 25,000 signatures before February 7th to get a White House response.

Go here now. Sign the petition. Let’s make it happen. It would be staggeringly awesome.


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