'House GOP in Disarray' Isn't Just Liberal Media Spin

Many Republicans are trying ton convince themselves that they will make up ground on the spending side of the equation come the debt ceiling fight. Mr. Obama says he will not negotiate, but he is going to have to.

The problem for the GOP is that its House leadership is working at cross purposes and really is in the disarray the “liberal media” keeps saying. Look no further than Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy voting no on the plan.

They should not be commended for voting no. This is a sign of disarray.

Early yesterday there was buzz that Eric Cantor, the House Republican Leader, was speaking against the McConnell Tax Hike. Yesterday at 5:01 p.m., Doug Heye, Cantor’s Deputy Chief of Staff, tweeted, “Majority Leader Cantor stands with @SpeakerBoehner. Speculation otherwise is silly, non-productive and untrue.”

Further reports began circulating that Eric Cantor and House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy were pushing Republicans to support the deal.

Then it all turned south as the vote was being held. Speaker John Boehner, in a highly unusual move (maybe he saw Lincoln) decided to vote on the legislation and voted for it. But Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy both voted no after pushing Republicans to vote for it.

This was opportunism, not courage. They were yet again trying to put distance between then and the Speaker, after all the media stories of a week ago that Eric Cantor and John Boehner were united. It was a similar story to last year’s spin.

For those who think the GOP will get its act together come the debt ceiling fight, all signs point to fractures still at the top of the House with Cantor and McCarthy working at cross purposes to the Speaker.

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