A friend’s daughter wrote this last week after the election. He emailed to see if I had an interest in posting. I got busy traveling and failed to, but wanted to make sure this got up.RedThe dark horses, it’s over nowWe’re counted outWe’re felled and downAmidst a struggle ugly to remember


Do we regret this fight we fought?Not one bit of one of us, our ground we’d holdScreaming to ears turned numbed by blue coldWe’d fight it all again, our founding not to rot

Doesn’t mean we’ve lost the warJust shifts degree, domain – what we’re fighting forCause either way we’d have to fightTo keep or rid, succeed or die

But this battle is crucial for good to sitThey started it, we’ve picked it They wished this coming doomWe all head towards inevitable blue gloom

Their leader’s lies they just consumedSo grab your yoke, and we’ll resumeWe’ll all pull this cart together Thunderheads form above and to new law we’re all tethered

Every one of us would crane his neckTo meet another dark horse along this dark pathSubdued yet still free and preparing to fight againWe’d flare nostrils and lock eyes – for what gain?

The dream we had for this land would flow between usIt’s not dead, that I can promise.

Then the jerk of the reignPulling us down this blue-paved wayJustice slips but come again:We’ll slowly cut away this chain

Until the land runs free, alive, red


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