Dear Conservative Organizations

Rumors are swirling that many Republican Governors are thinking of going wobbly on setting up state level healthcare exchanges to comply with Obamacare, instead of forcing the federal government to set up a federal exchange.The deadline to notify Washington is November 16, 2012 (though possibly moved to December).Michael Cannon has an excellent must read on why no state should do so.Further, the Republican Party controls 30 Governors’ Mansions.Most importantly, as Michael Cannon notes, “defaulting to a federal exchange exempts a state’s employers from the employer mandate.”I think it is incumbent on each and every conservative and conservative organization, with this deadline upon us, to make a very simple pledge:We will not support the re-election of any Republican Governor who creates a healthcare exchange in his or her state. Further, we will oppose for the nomination to the Presidency, any Republican who creates a healthcare exchange in his or her state.In fact, I will go first.Should any Republican Governor set up a health care exchange in his or her state, I’ll support their primary challenger and I sure will not support him or her for President in 2016.Now it is your turn.



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