The Extremists Who Report the News

I’m sending Richard Mourdock some money and you should too. I want to explain to you just how extremist the media is on abortion and just how much spinning in favor of killing kids the media does.According to Gallup polling, roughly a quarter of the population supports Richard Mourdock’s position on abortion — that the only exception in support of abortion should be the life of the mother.According to Gallup polling, roughly a quarter of the population supports Barack Obama’s position on abortion — any time during pregnancy until the moment of delivery. And of course, we all know that Barack Obama actually supports infanticide too in cases when a baby survives an abortion attempt, but OMG Politifact claims otherwise!!!!!!!When the media chooses to report stories about abortion, the media consistently chooses to report stories like Richard Mourdock’s statement and Todd Akin’s statement, both of whom believe that children conceived as a result of rape are still human beings entitled not to be ripped apart in utero and scrapped out of the womb or whatever procedure the child killers use these days. As an aside, during the Mourdock controversy few in the media reported that Mourdock’s Democratic opponent has sponsored pro-life legislation with Todd Akin.When you see the anchor on the news broadcast or read the reporter’s story in print, understand that they more likely than not are perfectly and fully fine with killing kids — it’s a choice, not murder to them. More than that, many of them are perfectly fine killing the children until the moment of delivery.The contrast in media coverage between the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention was striking. The GOP maintained its long held position on abortion and the media went into overdrive discussing it and the so called “war on women.” The Democrats, on the other hand, abandoned their “safe, legal, and rare” position on abortion from the Clinton era and moved back to abortion on demand. The media barely made a sound about it, even though it is well outside the mainstream of American opinion on abortion. As Josh Trevino noted on twitter, “Barack Obama is the only President in American history known to have described a child as a punishment.” But the media, in 2008, spent little time on that.The reporters and news anchors who cover abortion politics are often aligned with the same minority of Americans who support abortion on demand. It happens to be roughly the same number as those who oppose abortion in all excepts except the life of the mother. These members of the media have a vested interest in painting the pro-lifers as extreme and themselves as in the mainstream, despite an equal percentage of Americans agreeing with both sides.The fact is they are outside the mainstream. Most Americans accept restrictions on abortion. In fact, more American support Mitt Romney’s position about abortion — rape, incest, and the life of the mother as the exception to abortion — than the average member of the media’s extremist position.But the pro-child killers in the media would rather conflate Richard Mourdock’s position as Mitt Romney’s position instead of accepting their own fringe status.Then, of course, they also shape the news.For a number of years, since RedState really grew in prominent, I have often given reporters the names of many pro-life women to put on television and radio or interview for print publications. Inevitably, however, I find that the media puts pro-life men against pro-abortion women. It is an intentional bias. The various pro-life female leaders in the country make up one of the most intentionally ignored demographics in America. There are plenty of them out there. But it is the men who get the calls.It is the media trying to convey that Christofascist men in the GOP want to stop women from exercising “their rights.” It’s part of the growing trend to call the pro-life community “anti-choice” or “anti-abortion” as an editorial control instead of using the old media editorial direction to call various groups by what those groups choose to be called as a group.It’s the way the game has been played for far too long. It should also be a wake up call to the pro-life community that they need to do a better job working with pro-life candidates so, when they are asked the difficult questions, they do not walk into awkward soundbites about which they must do damage control.The pro-life community has gotten far too comfortable being in the majority in this country. They should not take for granted that a majority of Americans consider themselves pro-life when the majority of people delivering the news to that pro-life majority are actively hostile to the very notion of protecting the life of Americans not yet outside the birth canal.I’m sending Richard Mourdock some money and you should too. His position is one millions of Americans share, but you’d never know it from the media’s coverage.For you reporters who have made it through this, here are the questions you never ask candidates who are okay with killing kids.



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