Obama Campaign is Like a Chicken With its Head Cut Off

We’re two weeks away and signs point to the Obama campaign flailing about like a chicken with its head cut off — or more precisely Florida, North Carolina, and, of all things, Virginia cut off. Colorado too seems to be slipping out of Obama’s reach making Ohio more and more necessary. Paul Ryan has begun making incursions into Western Pennsylvania, which gets Ohio media markets, but also helps Republicans in Pennsylvania — something Obama cannot do for Democrats.


Within a week, the Obama campaign will probably trot out some blonde somebody with Gloria Alred to claim Mitt Romney and his five sons have all been sharing her. It will be their October Surprise. No doubt Eric Holder will be enlisted to drum up a few indictments too. They’ll pin their hopes on last minute fiction.

The Obama campaign is desperate and scared. Desperate and scared campaigns, like animals. tend to lash out. We’re seeing signs of that now with the “binders full of women” nonsense among other things. The Obama campaign has made a near fatal — quite possibly fatal — mistake. The campaign has been run on what Barack Obama has done for people without barely a hint of what he will do in his second term. People want to vote for something. Obama has given them nothing to vote for — just reminders of a past that includes a whole lot of unemployment and a still deeply unpopular take over of the American healthcare system. At least there’s Big Bird and Sandra Fluke.

What’s more, Mitt Romney and the GOP both are benefiting tremendously from Team Obama’s pride. The Obama campaign cannot, out of pride, admit it is losing key states. Consequently, the campaign continues to pour money into states like Florida that have fully slipped away. The Obama campaign is also hoarding Democratic Party funds that could be spent on other races. An unwillingness to let go of states and money and an inability to help other Democratic campaigns is not just costing Barack Obama, but is costing the Democratic Party as a whole.


The United States House of Representatives will not fall to Nancy Pelosi as a result. The United States Senate remains in play as a result. Republicans just need to rally to guys like Todd Akin, whether they want to or not. The Obama campaign’s pride will be the Democratic Party’s fall.


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