We've Come 180 Degrees in the Attack of the Polls

For the past couple of months I’ve been under attack from users here and conservatives elsewhere for refusing to believe the polls were rigged. I’ve certainly agreed they’ve been weighted too much for the Democrats and were, consequently, wrong, but I have never thought it was intentional. I saw no sense whining about it as it just makes conservatives sound unhinged and detached from reality.


Well, we’ve come 180 degrees.

The self-proclaimed reality based community is now where conservatives were two months ago. They don’t want anyone to believe the polls The polls are all wrong. Nate Silver, supreme chancellor of the left-wing polling operation, is yelling that no one should pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

They are in a catastrophic cacophony of echo chamber talking points melting down.

The same pollsters they relied on for months to proclaim their God-King still a God-King show him hemorrhaging support around the nation and in swing states. The very polls that showed Mitt Romney getting a butt whooping now show Mitt Romney mopping the floor with Obama. They cannot handle it.

I have always thought the polling skewed too much for Obama, but never intentionally. I think what we are seeing across the nation is what we have seen for the longest time with gay marriage polling.

In gay marriage polling, the most accurate polls were the ones that asked those polled about their neighbors. The person surveyed wanted to lie to the pollster and to themselves and claim they were not somehow a bigot. But their neighbor — that guy is a bigot.

In polling between Romney and Obama, for the longest time the people surveyed bought into the well oiled meme that if they opposed Obama they were racist. But after the first debate, they finally had their way out. They could finally say that the emperor really has no clothes without being labeled racist because everybody else saw what happened to.


There is safety in numbers and it just took a moment in time for reality to merge with honesty. People who were either quietly for Romney or just going to sit on the sidelines have decided we cannot afford four more years. Obama’s debate performance gave them a moment in time to finally be honest about it. I don’t see them turning back now.

In last night’s debate, these same undecideds said Barack Obama won. It was like the Nobel Prize Committee weighed in. They said he won solely because he showed up. They wanted to tell the pollsters something nice about their President. But in the internals, across the polls, Romney won on job creation, the deficit, the economy, healthcare, and even leadership. The superficial top line number says Obama won. The damning numbers for him are the number of people who thought, on each specific issue, he lost.

The Obama team should be very worried.


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