Joe Walsh For Congress

Congressman Joe Walsh (IL-08) is the real deal. He is a true conservative of principle. And he will not back down. He not just votes right on these issues, as a freshman member of Congress he has led on numerous Conservative priorities including leading our balanced Budget Amendment fight. Yes there are other Conservative Members like Joe who fight the good fight, and fortunately for us most of them hail from safe Republican districts. That is not the case with Joe. Joe fights the fight from the belly of the beast. He represents a Democrat district in Cook County Illinois. That’s right. One of our best young Conservative leaders represents an area in Obama’s backyard.


Joe only won the 2010 election by 291 votes, and now he is running for reelection in a district that the Democrats made even worse. Yet, Joe Walsh has NEVER compromised on his conservative principles. He is the real deal. He is the type of backboned conservative we need in Washington. And guess what — despite representing a Democrat leaning seat and running against a nationally known Democrat candidate, Joe is tied in the polls, because when people hear what Joe has to say, the like it. We have to rally together and get behind him. We need to help Joe get his message to the voters.

  • The first piece of legislation that Joe Walsh introduced was a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It required the President to submit and Congress to pass a balanced budget every year. It capped total federal spending at 18% of GDP, and was included as 1/3 of the conservative-led Cut Cap and Balance plan.
  • Joe Walsh took the lead in opposing the debt ceiling increase. He led the letter signed by 80 Members of Congress that killed the McConnell Debt Ceiling Plan. He voted NO on every vote to raise the debt ceiling that did not include corresponding cuts in spending. Joe Walsh voted against the Budget Control Act, against the failed Supercommittee, and against sequestration.
  • Joe Walsh has taken a hard line on Washington’s reckless spending. He voted NO on the 6-month Continuing Resolution that passed the House this past September, because it only maintained current spending levels and made no significant cuts. He also opposed last year’s bipartisan spending “deal” because it did not cut spending aggressively enough. But most importantly, Joe Walsh supported the Republican Study Committee (RSC) budget resolutions that balance the federal budget in 5 years.
  • Joe Walsh has led on foreign policy. He introduced multiple pieces of legislation that would cut off all U.S. funding to the United Nations. He also took the lead on holding the new Egyptian government accountable for the $2 billion it receives in U.S. aid every year by demanding that the new Egyptian government publicly reaffirm its treaties with Israel.
  • Lastly, Joe Walsh did not back down in the face of intimidation and slander. He introduced the Federal Election Integrity Act, which requires voters to present a valid photo I.D. at polls on Election Day.

Joe Walsh is a true conservative, one with backbone and principle, who will never compromise on the Constitution or his principles. Anyone can be conservative when the going is easy, but Joe Walsh has stood up for conservative government since day 1, even though he knew it would make re-election a challenge. This election will determine the future of our nation, and I, for one, would like to see more people like him in Washington.

Click on this link to send some money to Joe Walsh today. We must keep this man in congress.


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