Democrats Freak Out About Ohio

The Democrats are in a full on freak out over Ohio. Harry Reid is giving his Super PAC $250,000.00 to run ads attacking Josh is sending out emails rallying its members to support Democrats in Ohio.Now Senator Bennet of Colorado is sending out emails to his supporters with the subject line “Buckeye for a day.”In the email, Bennet writes:


If special interest groups can drop $20 million to buy a Senate seat anywhere in the country, who wins? Whether it’s your Senator or not, it’s the middle class who loses.Which brings me to my friend from the Buckeye State, Senator Sherrod Brown.Sherrod’s up for reelection — and he’s done such great work standing up to the special interests in Washington that they’ve decided to put him at the top of their list for defeat.

This isn’t just to help Bennett. This is to help Barack Obama too. The Democrats are going all in there.Consider, in contrast, Missouri, where the GOP has totally bailed on Todd Akin and the Presidential race in Missouri likewise went from a sure thing for Romney to now a borderline toss up. The Democrats know how to play and rally.We need to reciprocate in Ohio. Give what you can to Josh Mandel.


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