My Take on Bill Clinton's Speech

Bill Clinton always gives a great speech. I’m not going to knock his speech. Yes, it was filled with factual errors. But this was a convention speech. He played to the crowd and they were putty in his hands.I do think the delivery and pacing were a bit slow. I do think he shined best when either beating up the GOP, which he clearly enjoyed, and waxing poetically about the nation. He seems most off when he defended Barack Obama.The speech was a solid Clinton speech that plays well to the crowd, is personable, is so freaking long, and is funny. But there is a serious problem in the speech.Bill Clinton asked the crowd if they were better off than they were four years ago and they all cheered back “yes.”That was not wise. The Romney campaign and outside groups are going to use that. The Democrats, trying to paint the GOP as out of touch, are increasingly out of touch or just denying reality. That’s going to hurt them.Bill Clinton, in that one moment, undermined Barack Obama’s whole re-election effort.



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