Alan Rusbridger and the UK's Guardian Do What British Leftists Do Best: Capitulate

A week ago the UK’s left leaning Guardian hired RedState co-founder Joshua Trevino to be a regular columnist about American conservatives. Unlike many American publications, the Guardian hired an actual conservative instead of a poseur.But that was too much.The Guardian, you see, is the left’s property. Immediately, some virulently anti-Semitic leftwing activists began an organized campaign against the Guardian because Josh Trevino has a long history of aggressively defending Israel and humiliating these people on twitter with his keen wit.After a week of being harassed by their own ilk, Alan Rusbridger, the Guardian’s Editor, has thrown in the towel, fitting perfectly the British left’s historic behavior of capitulating to anti-Semites.For a week, Trevino has been slandered as a white supremacist, among other things, and now the Guardian has concocted a “conflict of interest” excuse to toss Trevino with few details of what they claim it was.Why would the Guardian care about a relationship that they acknowledge was severed before they ran the author’s column? This is obviously a poorly constructed fig leaf to hide the obvious truth: that they caved to the anti-Semitic fringe, and that they are embarrassed that they did.But the Guardian cannot say that they’d rather stand with those who accuse Israel of being Nazis and were outraged by Josh’s hire. Instead, they’ll smear him at his departure as they capitulate to those who hate Israel, conservatives, and all those who defend them.Alan Rusbridger, the Editor throwing Josh under the bus, can be reached at [email protected] to register your complaint. He might as well hear from you, given that he clearly has been listening to the left for the past week.



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