Will Congressman Akin Put His World View Ahead of His Pride?

The hyperbole from the left over Todd Akin has been disgusting. The man truly believes that children who are conceived out of rape should not be killed. The Bible teaches us that God raised us up from the dust of the earth and stitched us together in our mothers’ wombs. When you believe that, as Congressman Akin does, then it is asking much to tear apart what God has stitched together.The left would make this about his poor word choices. Some have actually accused the Congressman of being “pro-rape.” Congressman Akin said something dumb and inarticulate. But God bless him for trying to explain why so many Christians do not believe in an exception for rape and believe that to have one could see an increase in the number of claims of rape that are not actual rapes (“legitimate” rapes in his words), but are claims of rape used to justify an abortion when abortion is otherwise prohibited.It’s a terribly difficult position for politicians to defend, particularly in hyper-partisan climates. The Congressman tried and failed. On Thursday night he exacerbated the problem by agreeing to sit with Piers Morgan on CNN and then not showing up.I would rather Todd Akin in the United States Senate than Claire McCaskill. He said something he should not have. Claire McCaskill voted for Obamacare.Todd Akin should not have to withdraw from the Senate race in Missouri. But given how quickly party leaders sought to distance themselves from Todd Akin and pull money from Missouri, there is not much left for him to do. By 5 o’clock today, Todd Akin must withdraw.


Todd Akin is a Christian. He must understand that one of the greatest sins — the greatest according to C.S. Lewis — is pride. His pride should not keep him in the race. Todd Akin believes that Obamacare must be repealed. He believes we must take back the Senate to do so.Given the way party leaders from Mitt Romney to John Cornyn have run from Todd Akin in the past 24 hours, Todd Akin must be willing to overcome his pride and realize that to advance his world view, he must end his campaign. The fight to take back the Senate runs through Missouri. It is a terrible burden to be now in Todd Akin’s position, knowing by staying in he could cost the Republicans the Senate and even be a drag on Mitt Romney’s chances to win Missouri.Should he stay in the race, he will be the boogeyman in the Democrats’ false claims about a war on women and the man every Republican blames should they not take the Senate.Every politician thinks he can win. Some times he just can’t. By 5 o’clock this evening, Congressman Aiken needs to withdraw so his party can unite behind a new nominee.


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