The Crazy Fool From the Attic Turned Vice President Race Baits

In fairness to Vice President Biden, I supposed I should have a full post for our collective crazy uncle in the attic turned Vice President. The man from Delaware claimed that Republicans want to put people back in chains. Considering there is only one group of people ever put in chains in this country, it is clear he was race baiting. I have no doubt this was orchestrated by the Obama campaign, which immediately is again screaming that the old fool was taken out of context.It is remarkable that the party that thinks “states rights” is racist code thinks “put you back in chains” is hot and sexy talk. It is remarkable that the party that heard Sarah Palin had a political target list and cried foul would think telling people the GOP will enslave them is okay. It is remarkable that the party that screams bloody murder when you say they are marxists is okay with Joe Biden claiming the GOP will put people back in chains. It is remarkable that the party that screams bloody murder the moment you mention a death panel has no problem saying the GOP wants to put you back in chains. In short, if you use Barack Obama’s middle name, you are a racist. But if you race bait a crowd by telling them Mitt Romney will put them back in chains, Stephanie Cutter, the President’s spokesgal is cool with that. She’s also cool with telling people Mitt Romney killed a woman by giving her cancer and is perfectly cool with lying about her knowledge of Joe Soptic.Actually, it’s not really remarkable at all. Inciting racial animosity for political gain has been the Democratic playbook since the Democrats were, well, not to put too fine a point on it, putting black people in chains. But I’m sure we are just, again, taking the Democrats all out of context.




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