Mitt to Announce Veep Tomorrow [UPDATED]

Romney & RyanNo offense, but I intend to be sleeping at 9am tomorrow when Mitt Romney makes his Vice Presidential announcement at the USS Wisconsin.The buzz tonight is that it is Paul Ryan (R-WI, HAFA 75%), but none of us will know until the morning.Greta Van Sustren, several people told me, put online that the Secret Service was at Paul Ryan’s home, though the post has subsequently been removed. UPDATE: this is actually what Greta posted. An innocent post that had the potential to be misread.If it is Ryan, I’ll be quite happy. His departure from Congress would improve both Congress and the Romney campaign. It would improve Congress because too many people tend to lionize him when his record has some flaws. His presence often drowns out competing ideas that may be better and/or more conservative.His presence on Team Romney would improve Team Romney immensely. Team Romney has, since the primary, had problem making the moral case for freedom and free market. Paul Ryan is articulate and passionate on the issue. Likewise, the GOP, even in polls having Romney behind Obama, often leads on issues of the economy and debt. Those two issues are at the heart of Paul Ryan’s ideas.He’d be a sound choice. And, mercifully, he would not be an old boring white guy like Portman as veep would be. It wouldn’t be as awesome as Marco Rubio, but then I worry that Rubio’s time has not yet come and picking him could do Rubio more harm than good.Stay tuned. We’ll see in the morning who it is.UPDATED: Several press organizations including NBC News are reporting that it is Paul Ryan.



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