New Poll Has Ted Cruz Up. Conservatives Need to Pony Up Fast. [UPDATED]

A brand new poll has Ted Cruz ahead of David Dewhurst. The poll was conducted by Fred Wenzel. He also got the Indiana and Nebraska primaries right.Here’s the problem. The primary is three weeks away. Dewhurst has millions of dollars in advantage over Cruz. Conservatives need to pony up.Club For Growth stepped up with a new ad you can see below.
It is time to pony up for Ted Cruz. Let’s get him across the finish line.
UPDATE: A PPP poll is now out. PPP, a Democrat leaning polling firm, has no dog in the fight and has Ted Cruz up, but not by much. Stunningly, Ted Cruz is leading overwhelmingly among tea party activists (by over 50%) and about the same among Hispanics. For a party that claims it wants the Hispanic vote, it boggles my mind that the GOP establishment prefers David Dewhurst.



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