David Dewhurst's Media Consultants Attack Ted Cruz and RedState *at* RedState

This is amazingly pathetic.David Dewhurst’s campaign gets his state government website altered to cover up his lying about his amnesty position.What happens? His media consultants invade RedState to accuse Ted Cruz of supporting Chicoms and attack RedState for supporting Cruz.In fact, this is not the first time Dewhurst’s media consultants have done this.Using the user name “Liberty Patriot,” Dewhurst’s consultants have dropped by four times to attack Ted Cruz at RedState.Ironically, they’ve noted that “convictions in your beliefs are important” even while David Dewhurst was altering his official Lt. Governor’s website to cover up his amnesty position.The consultants have accused Ted Cruz of being a paper tiger.And, they’ve pretended to be from Florida to speculate on Ted Cruz’s lack of credentials.Now, how do I know this is David Dewhurst’s media consulting team?Well, here at RedState we can trace the IP and this IP connects consistently to Raconteur Media Company, located at 720 Brazos Street, Ste 400, Austin, TX 78701.And guess who their client is.



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