David Dewhurst Campaign Alters Taxpayer Funded Website to Cover Up Past Support for Amnesty.

Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst’s Senate campaign might have just crossed a line it should not have crossed. Who else would be behind the Lt. Governor’s taxpayer funded website for his Lieutenant Governor’s Office suddenly deleting the transcript of a speech proving David Dewhurst has been lying about his position on illegal aliens?


The speech is . . . well . . . it is gone. Poof.

Again, the website is taxpayer funded and the document suddenly no longer there directly contradicted Dewhurst’s present statements on immigration in the Senate campaign.

Now, David Dewhurst adamantly claims that he opposes amnesty – even calling the recent Obama plan to grant permits to illegals who came here as children “nothing short of backdoor amnesty by executive fiat and a blatant political ploy.

But there is one very big problem… He is lying and then covering up the facts that prove he is lying.

As the Houston Chronicle’s Peggy Fikac notes, Mr. Dewhurst just a few years ago advocated for amnesty for anyone here illegally, not just children. In a speech Dewhurst gave in 2007 down in south Texas, he said the following: “I support a guest worker program for those here today illegally. Labor and skilled workers are critical to our Texas economy.”

But here’s the interesting part. That speech was available online at the official, taxpayer-funded website for the office of the Lieutenant Governor of Texas, www.ltgov.state.tx.us until this story about this speech regarding amnesty came to light. Yet, suddenly that speech has gone missing – and even Ms. Fikac’s story has a dead link to it.


His opponent, Ted Cruz – the actual conservative in the race – has a pdf of the original screenshot here. In addition, the cached google page I found by searching for “David Dewhurst speeches Lieutenant Governor” is here, and it shows a link to the speech entitled “Mr. South Texas,” in which he made his declaration of support for amnesty.

This is, as I pointed out on Tuesday, the way Lt. Gov Dewhurst operates. His game of power – and of saying what needs to be said to get elected. In other words, he would fit right in up in Washington with the rest of the Senate “club” that has given us the deal-cutting and broken promises that has caused the mess we’re in.

This is the truth that everyone knows, but only a few are covering. Take for example this description of Dewhurst by the AEI’s Steve Hayward over at powerlineblog.com

It became clear that he is an old fashioned petty corrupt pol who believes in using the power of government to help his friends and favored interests (he made his own personal fortune in the natural gas business). I’ve met a lot of politicians over the years, but he was perhaps the single most unappealing and offensive one I’ve ever met, in either party. Cruz is the obvious superior choice.


This is the last person we should send to the U.S. Senate if we expect change. Especially from Texas.

That is why Texas must send Ted Cruz to Washington – and every conservative in America should send Ted money to help him combat Dewhurst’s endless deep pockets.


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