. . . When?

Yesterday I asked if not now, when do we get to hold Republicans accountable.It is mind numbingly infuriating to get some of the bellyaching from people that, in effect, we never can.I disagree. I know most of you do too. Right now, here are six congress critters we can annihilate in Republican primaries. The alternative candidates to them are far more conservative.If you really do care about taking the country back and improving the GOP, you have no excuse. You must oppose these incumbents currently fighting it out in Republican Primaries.


Congresswoman Diane Black of Tennessee. Her opponent is Lou Ann Zelenik.Congressman Charles Bostany of Louisiana. His opponent is Congressman Jeff Landry. They are pitted together due to redistricting.Congressman Chuck Fleischman of Tennessee. His opponent is Scottie Mayfield.Congressman John Mica of Florida. His opponent is Congresswoman Sandy Adams. They are pitted together due to redistricting.Congressman Ben Quayle. His opponent is Congressman Dave Schweikert. They are pitted together due to redistricting.Congressman Fred Upton of Michigan. His opponent is Jack Hoogendyk.If you think we need to hold our side accountable, but you are not sure when. Well, now.Here’s your chance to throw the bums out and replace them with better conservatives in races where the Democrats don’t have a chance.



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