Monica Crowley's What the Bleep Just Happened

This is one of those posts I intended to write a couple of weeks ago. Then the Supreme Court decision happened. Then my wife got sick. Then I started traveling. Then we had a holiday. So finally, at long last, I get to tell you about my latest book excursion.Monica Crowley has a new book out called What the Bleep Just Happened?: The Happy Warrior’s Guide to Great American Comebacks. You guys know Monica, I’m sure. She’s the happy warrior often on Fox. I adore her and was delighted to get a review copy of her book.A few weeks ago, I had her on my radio show in Atlanta to talk about the book. Before I get to that, let me just tell you that I don’t write about books unless I’ve read them. Sometimes it takes a while for me to write them up because I want to get through them.Monica’s latest reflects her cheerful disposition in less than cheerful times. She and I are both big on the idea of being happy warriors. In this endeavor, Monica writes about how we got to where we are now and, unlike a lot of politically themed books these days, actually offers up how to get beyond where we are too. Throughout the book, Monica maintains a refreshing cheerfulness that so many other books haven’t had when its come to covering our current political predicament. It’s refreshing, honest, and pretty funny at times.You can buy the book here at Amazon and if you want, you can listen to my interview with Monica from a couple of weeks ago right here from WSB.



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