The Repeal Pledge: Another Reason to Support Ted Cruz

Today the United States Supreme Court left Obamacare in tact.That means every Republican Primary left now matters even more significantly.In Texas, Ted Cruz is in a runoff with David Dewhurst.Only Ted Cruz has sided the repeal pledge pledging to repeal Obamacare. David Dewhurst has not. These differences matter. Go support Ted Cruz right now. We’ll need every vote we can muster in the Senate next year to repeal this thing and only Ted is on record willing to repeal Obamacare.By the way, the Dewhurst campaign reached out and said they signed the repeal pledge on May 26th. I reached out to the repeal coalition and they can find no record of a Dewhurst signature until today . . . after Ted Cruz yet again made an issue out of it.



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