Air Force Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

Air Force One turned to Air Force Waaaaahhhh yesterday in Atlanta. Barack Obama tied up lunch time traffic in the Peach State once again while he milked it for money. During a public speech, President Obama formally abdicated his role as Commander in Chief to become Chief Victim. Those dirty Republicans are outspending him, he cried to a sympathetic audience.In fact, this may be the first time Barack Obama has ever been outspent and he just can’t handle rejection.In 2008, the Annenberg Public Policy Center reported that Barack Obama outspent John McCain 3 to 1 and “raised more money than anyone in the history of U.S. politics.”Turn about would be fair play except the present President has the temperament of a four year old and the skin of an onion. Consequently, he is forced to whine.The simple truth is that rich leftists have not continued being rich leftists by being stupid. Even rich leftists will not throw good money after bad. People are, right now, voting with their wallets to reject Barack Obama and the trend will, hopefully, continue.Bluntly, had Barack Obama not spent the past three years implementing policies that lowered the standard of living of many of his most ardent supporters, his supporters might have more money to give. Now he’ll just tour the country whining.



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