The White House Is Not Enough

Consider this Wall Street Journal editorial your must read of the day. It highlights why adding conservatives to the United States Senate is so important.This past week, Republican in the Senate, including Mitch McConnell’s leadership picks, sat idly by saying nothing while the Senate Democrats pushed forward the nomination of Andrew Hurwitz, who helped formulate the reasoning behind Roe v. Wade while a law clerk. Hurwitz is quite fond of that bit of his legacy.Andrew Hurwitz’s nomination could have been blocked from consideration had just one more Republican voted no.


John McCain, Jon Kyl, and Lamar Alexander all voted for cloture. Most troubling, Harry Reid slid Hurwitz’s nomination to the floor with the unexpected request of a voice vote and the Republicans present did not object. It’s a technical issue, but I will put it to you this way: both Senators and outside groups who were trying to stop Hurwitz understand that Hurwitz’s confirmation was part of a deal struck by Republican and Democrat leaders in the Senate. The GOP Senators were too scared of the “war on women” angle to pick a fight over Hurwitz. I’m sure we’ll see the GOP’s payoff in the farm bill.Only after Hurwitz had secured the confirmation hurtle did Mitch McConnell boldly and bravely declare the GOP would shut down further judicial confirmations for the year. Leadership staff would have you believe the Hurwitz mess was just a run of the mill loss and there was no back room whispering involved and timing of the shutdown of confirmations occurring after Hurwitz was just coincidental.Likewise, Marco Rubio helped round up votes to get Mari Carmen Aponte confirmed as ambassador to El Salvador. Ms. Aponte dated a Cuban spy for 20 years, was a director of La Raza, and she has incensed Catholics in El Salvador with her political activism in support of gay rights.Now sixteen Senate Republican have managed to keep sugar prices high to help corporate interests, though in a time of economic recession doing so hurts American consumers and keeps prices artificially high — not to mention keeps us from having coca-cola made with real sugar unless we get the kosher or Mexican varieties.This is why we must continue supporting Ted Cruz. Between David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz, there is no doubt Cruz will side with Jim DeMint and Dewhurst with Mitch McConnell. It’s not enough to get a Republican in the White House if we don’t have conservatives in the Senate to both help and guide a conservative agenda for America.



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