David Limbaugh's The Great Destroyer

Our sister company within Eagle Publishing, Inc. has published a new book that, even were Regnery not the publisher I’d be seeking out. That’s because it’s author is David Limbaugh, who continues to be one of the most informative and easy to read authors of current events within conservatism.David’s new book is The Great Destroyer and I have been on a mission for two weeks to get from front to back before writing about it.First, you should know I’m a big fan of Crimes Against Liberty, David’s previous book. It is on my desk and provides some of the best conservative insight into Barack Obama. The Great Destroyer is no different.Through 400 pages, David Limbaugh not just demonstrates Barack Obama’s ongoing assaults against our values, culture, economy, oil, job creators, and the foundational underpinnings of the United States itself, i.e. being a nation of individuals and not a nation of the collective, but he does a particularly good job of explaining why conservatives see these things as an assault so the prObama media might at least be able to understand the angst out there.Frankly, if you read The Great Destroyer you’ll understand immediately why conservatives who may not care much for Mitt Romney have rallied to him against Barack Obama.David Limbaugh has another best seller on his hands and the left will do their best to ignore it. Why? Because it’s not just Limbaugh’s opinion. He’s copiously documented his statements and the left would prefer to ignore it rather than deal with inconvenient truths.Head over to Amazon or even to Apple’s iBooks Store to grab a hardback or digital copy.



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