Juana Summers Says It Was All Just A Joke

Juana Summers of the Politico gets the clueless reporter award of the day. In her story on swatting she describes it as “an elaborate practical joke.” It’s so funny than more than 80 members of Congress and local authorities in several locations are asking the FBI to get involved.Let me describe what Summers’ calls a practical joke:Someone calls the police posing as me claiming both to have killed my wife and, before hanging up on the 911 operator, saying I’m going to go kill someone else.The police show up. One officer keeps his hand on his gun as my 3 year old goes outside to see what’s going on.That was just how jokingly it was done to me.In Los Angeles, helicopters surrounded the airspace of LA County Prosecutor Patrick Frey’s home. The actual SWAT team got him out of his house and put him in a police car with guns all around. His wife and children were taken out of the home as well.Yep. Some joke.On twitter, Juana Summers notes that “Point was made in the article that it is dangerous and people could be hurt.” So, I’m guessing if swatting is an “elaborate practical joke” that the danger and harm must be the punchline.




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