Mitt Romney Should Rethink This

There are many, many Republicans who have come to terms with supporting Mitt Romney because, despite their reservations, we can all agree he is far better than Barack Obama.One issue, above all others, still gives many of the base qualms about supporting Romney. He never distanced himself from Romneycare and over the past several years and gone back and forth between definitive statements on full repeal of Obamacare and partial repeal of Obamacare. Conservatives should therefore consider it unacceptable that Mike Leavitt has any role on the Romney campaign. Having pushed states to start implementing Obamacare, potentially to his profit, we must ask who is doing the vetting at Team Romney.Mike Leavitt does not sound like the type of guy who will look Mitch McConnell in the eye in 2013 and demand, on behalf of President Romney, full and unconditional repeal of Obamacare.This should shake every conservative’s confidence in Team Romney to really understand just how badly we want Obamacare fully repealed and calls into question the conservative bona fides of those who would staff a Romney White House when Obamacare pimps staff the campaign.



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