Time to do What We Can For Ted Cruz

David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz are in a runoff in Texas.Cruz has long odds in the runoff, given the margin of Dewhurst’s victory.But it is very doable. Conservatives across the country, however, must unite today. This race must be a national priority for each and every conservative. It is not enough to pray for Ted Cruz, though that helps tremendously. We must put our money where our mouths are.David Dewhurst is a multimillionaire who covets this Senate seat. He has an expert staff of consultants who know Texas very well and aim to win. Many of them are my friends. But as much as they want Dewhurst to win, I want Cruz to win.We must do what we can for Ted Cruz.Stand with Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin, RedState, the Club For Growth, and so many others. Support Ted Cruz for the United States Senate. Send every spare penny you can muster to Ted Cruz this very moment.



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