Conservatives Need to Rally to David McIntosh In Indiana 5

Folks, there are several people running for Congress in Indiana’s 5th Congressional district, but only one of them is a real conservative leader. It’s not that the others are conservative non-leaders. They are moderate to liberal pro-choice, bailout supporting candidates.Unfortunately, they’ve decided to gang up on David McIntosh to ensure a pro-life, fiscal conservative doesn’t get elected.The election is Tuesday.Go here now and push David over the finish line.The Club for Growth, RedState, GOA, National Right to LIfe, Indiana Right to Life, and so many more conservative groups are supporting David. But right now he needs money to fight a coordinated attack from the left.If you’ve never heard of David McIntosh, you should know that he was in the House once before. He was a guy who fought Ronald Reagan staffers who tried to get Reagan to cut deals with the left. He stayed in the House and rallied conservatives when the House GOP started to capitulate. Given the way the House leaders are headed, we need a guy who will help Jim Jordan, Tom Graves, Jeff Duncan and the other conservatives.I’m opening my checkbook for David McIntosh today. You need to do it too.


David needs money ASAP to fight these coordinated attacks from the left. Give what you can right now.


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