Conservatives Are Gaining, But Need Help Making Mitch McConnell's Life Truly Miserable

We’re about a week out from the Indiana Primary. Richard Mourdock now leads Barack Obama’s favorite Republican, Dick Lugar. But it is close. Surprisingly for so many conservative activists who backed Eric Cantor for his leadership position, the House Republican Leader has decided to engage in this and other races for the more moderate and liberal candidates. Whodathunk Eric Cantor would become like Mitch McConnell, but he is. And not only that, Eric Cantor has decided to engage in the Indiana Senate race — a Senate race, not a House race. So the cool thing is if you open your checkbook and help Richard Mourdock, you aren’t just dealing a blow to Mitch McConnell, but to Eric Cantor and Barack Obama too. All three of them want Dick Lugar to stick around Washington.Seriously, Eric Cantor’s PAC is asking Democrats to go vote to save Dick Lugar. The House Republican Leader wants Democrats to save Dick Lugar. That’s messed up.Do what you can to make sure Indiana sends Dick Lugar home. Oh wait . . . Dick doesn’t live in Indiana anymore. That’s why his Board of Elections says he can’t vote in Indiana. Still, get him out of the Senate.But that’s not all.


In Texas, Ted Cruz is going up in the polls, but David DewCrist is a millionaire. Ted Cruz needs volunteers, prayers, and money. If he can get into a runoff with DewCrist, he should be able to close the gap and be Texas’s next Senator.In Nebraska, Don Stenberg is closing in on Jon Bruning. Bruning, by the way, still won’t walk away from his love of Eric Holder. We need to help Don. He’s going up in the polls and is now coming under whitening assault from Bruning and Bruning’s friends in Washington.And then there is Utah. After 36 years in the Senate, Orrin Hatch just might be retired by the voters. He did not make it out of the Utah Republican Convention with enough votes. He’ll face my friend Dan Liljenquist. Dan’s a good guy. Thirty-six years in the Senate should be long enough. Senator Hatch has been a commendable Senator on judges and other issues. But he’s also been on the wrong side of many votes and Dan Liljenquist would be one more headache for Mitch McConnell that Senator Hatch is not.


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