Texas Senate Debate: Will Dewhurst Defend His Moderate Record?

Friday evening is the big live-televised Texas Senate debate — with a twist. After skipping over 30 grassroots candidate debates, the man in the race with the money and name ID, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, is actually scheduled to show up.It’s logical to ask why DewCrist would debate his opponents when he would just be giving them more attention and free air time. This is a candidate running for U.S. Senate in the largest Republican state in the country, who has been in statewide office for some 15 years with near universal name ID. But Texas voters don’t really know the real David Dewhurst.


Sure, Dewhurst will tell you he’s a “proven conservative” as it says on the homepage of his website. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to say in a Republican primary in Texas, of all places? Clearly voters are sick and tired of that lip service. There’s enough of that already in Washington.Here’s a snap shot at here: supported a statewide wage tax, which is really an income tax; favored in-state tuition for illegal aliens, proposed higher spending (even though his ads say he cut spending), fought against the bill to stop TSA groping; and numerous other compromises and deal-making.Will Dewhurst answer to his record in the debate? We’ll see. But Texas is too important of a state not to send a real conservative to the Senate.Fortunately, Ted Cruz, a true conservative who I’m supporting, is running and has a great shot to get in the runoff and beat Dewhurst. here to Ted’s campaign if you can so we can beat the Dewhurst money machine.


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